December 2012        

Shocking revelations about blacklisting

Members of the British Parliament have heard shocking revelations and received an insight into how the bosses organise their blacklisting, and how undemocratic modern capitalist society is.
      In an investigation by the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, a convicted blacklister, Ian Kerr, broke his silence and gave nearly four hours’ worth of evidence. Among the revelations:
• Ian Kerr has been a full-time blacklister since 1969. He was previously employed by the “Economic League” before he became chief executive of the “Consulting Association.”
• Other blacklisting operations were in existence, including Caprim Ltd, which was set up by the former managing director of the Economic League.
• Kerr was paid £50,000 per year plus car, bonus, health insurance, and life insurance.
• Kerr and other blacklist spies were sent undercover into union meetings.
• Using illegally obtained information—some of which could only have come from the police—hundreds of workers were condemned to unemployment on such grounds as “union activity,” “involved in dispute,” “brought in H&S [health and safety] issues,” “politically motivated,” “recently seen at a left-wing meeting,” and “keeps extremely interesting company.”
• The police held regular meetings with senior members of the blacklisting operation, with information flowing both ways.
• Some union officials provided information about their own members that ended up on the blacklist files.
• Two hundred environmental activists were also blacklisted.
      Meetings of the Consulting Association took place in the head office of the McAlpine Group in London. Callum McAlpine, a director of several companies within the group, was the first chairman of the Consulting Association, after providing a start-up loan of £10,000 following the demise of the Economic League. The McAlpine Group paid Kerr’s £5,000 fine and his solicitors’ fees and the costs associated with closing the organisation.
      And a footnote: All the organisation’s documents and computer records have been burnt or destroyed.

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