January 2013        

Gatherings of socialist republicans—a small beginning

The CPI hosted a series of seminars over a period of three months at the end of last year, with invited speakers giving talks on agreed topics.
     The seminars followed from the public meeting “21st-Century Republicanism: What Does It Mean?” By agreement, attendance was by invitation. The meetings brought together republicans, communists and non-aligned left activists from around the country, north and south.
     The topics covered had been agreed in advance: “Why class matters,” “The state as an instrument of class power,” and “Imperialism’s strategy and relationships in contemporary Ireland.” At each seminar three speakers addressed the topic, from different viewpoints and experiences, to allow for a range of views to develop and be debated.
     The seminars did not just deal in theory but attempted to apply the analysis to the development of Irish history as well as to contemporary struggles, in particular to try to get beyond the politics of “betrayal” by individuals or parties and to understand politics and developments in terms of the class interests that shape people’s actions.
     As part of the final seminar there was an evaluation of what had been achieved and of what next steps could be taken to move co-operation forward and bring the fruitful and informative ideas and issues to a wider audience.
     Those attending were all committed to keeping the process going, to deepening our understanding of the responses needed, and to developing answers that give hope to our people in the face of the massive crisis engulfing the capitalist system.
     The CPI was given the responsibility of compiling the suggestions made and drawing people together early in the new year to move the process on to the next level.

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