February 2013        

James Stewart


The Communist Party of Ireland expresses its deepest sympathy with the family of Jimmy Stewart: with his wife, Edwina, also a lifelong member and activist of the CPI, and his two daughters, Helen and Moya, with all his grandchildren and extended family.
      Jimmy Stewart was a former general secretary and former national chairperson of the CPI. For more than three decades he worked full-time for the party. Along with Seán Murray he drafted the party programme, /Ireland’s Path to Socialism,/ in 1963, outlining the political strategy and tactics of the CPI, which contributed to the emergence of the Northern Ireland Civil Right Association in the mid-1960s and the resulting mass mobilisation of working people for democratic demands.
      He played a prominent role in the reuniting of the two parties, the Irish Workers’ Party in the South and the Communist Party, Northern Ireland, in the North, to form one united all-Ireland communist movement.
      A full account of the role and activities of Jimmy Stewart can be found at www.communistpartyofireland.ie.

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