May 2013        

Ireland’s neutrality demonstrated again

Bathed in green light, Her Majesty’s ship Illustrious paid a visit to Dublin in May after a two-week role in a huge military exercise. The helicopter carrier, based in Portsmouth, had been taking part in “Exercise Joint Warrior” off the coast of Scotland in April and May. It then moved south through the Irish Sea and berthed at the Alexandra Dock in Dublin for the weekend.
     “Joint Warrior” was NATO’s largest exercise in recent years. It involved several British warships, including the Illustrious, Diamond, Richmond, Westminster, Hurworth, and Brocklesby.
     The crew of the Illustrious brought along a number of green lamps and a projector to light up their ship. The ship’s engineer officer, Commander John Voyce, said: “We were delighted with the effect.”
     As part of the visit the Irish music and dance troupe Ragús went aboard for an evening of traditional dancing, with the hangar transformed into a stage. Two of the ship’s crew were then presented with certificates to celebrate their “Irish heritage.”

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