June 2013        

Annual essay competition

The second annual essay competition organised by the Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland for second-level pupils is now open. The winner will be invited to read their essay in Madrid in February 2014 at the commemoration of the battle of Jarama in Madrid, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Their flights and accommodation will be paid for them as our guests and the guests of the AABI, the friends of the International Brigades in Spain.
     1. The subject of the essays can be any aspect of the role and experiences of members of the International Brigades that relates to Ireland, either during or after the Spanish Civil War of 1936–39.
     2. The final version of each essay must be in either English or Irish and not more than 1,500 words in length.
     3. At least three sources should be consulted, and the essay should have notes indicating when these sources are being quoted, or relied on in the text.
     4. Any pupil up to nineteen years of age in any second-level course in Ireland during the time of the competition is eligible to enter, provided the essay is e-mailed to FIBI before the deadline and is accompanied by contact details of the pupil whose work it is and also of their teacher or course supervisor who can confirm the pupil’s age and their participation in a second-level course.
     5. The e-mail address for essays and contact details is fibispain36to39@gmail.com.
     6. The deadline is Saturday 23 November 2013.
     7. All entrants will receive a certificate attesting to their essay, suitable for inclusion in CVs, etc.
     8. All decisions by the judges are final.
     Further details about the competition and about FIBI are on its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SpanishCivilWarEssayCompetition/info.

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