June 2013        


Democracy and the crisis

Dear editor,
     Two questions about something in the March Socialist Voice. In the article “Democracy and the crisis,” part 2, third paragraph: “The theoretical understanding of Marx and Lenin is that the working class must seize control of bourgeois society, including the state and its institutions, on the road to socialism. In the process of building communism and eliminating classes, the bourgeois state will be dissolved as social control—control by the people—over all aspects of society and economy is established and extended.”
     To me it seems that the seizure of the state and its institutions are secondary to the seizure of bourgeois society, but wouldn’t the seizure of the state, its institutions have to come before control of bourgeois society?
     When the working class come to power is their first act not to abolish the bourgeois state and this would happen before “the process of building communism”?

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