July 2013        


The iron heel of capitalism

Dear Comrade Editor,
     I, being one of the lost souls living under the Iron Heel of capitalism, must ask the question which has remained unanswered for close on a hundred years. How much longer will the truce last between capitalism and labour?
     I keep remembering the Great Wall of China, where, we are told, under every block a worker lies buried. Over the last five hundred years in the building of the capitalist system a whole family lies buried under every block.
     Now we have the “Rabbitte,” a Labour socialist minister, telling workers that it is their duty to save the Iron Heel of capitalism, and the continued exploitation of the working class, again! One must ask, if one is a thinking human being, Is James Connolly laughing, crying or just plain spinning in his grave when he hears a Labour minister exhorting the workers and their trade unions to save capitalism and the banks, actually to bear the yoke of the Iron Heel a little longer—a hundred years or so—until we awake from the nightmare of capitalism?
     It was not Marx, Engels, Lenin or Trotsky who said, “Our demands most moderate are: we only want the earth.” It was James Connolly who said the immortal words.
     Gerard Kenny
     Dublin 5

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