December 2013        

Time to fight back against monopoly

The announcement this month that 115 workers are being made redundant by the huge transnational Pfizer is a body blow to the people of the Newbridge area.
      Unfortunately the continued aggression of monopoly capitalism has raised its ugly head in Ireland. Pfizer recently bought another huge multinational, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc.
      Following these buy-outs it didn’t take long for Pfizer to maximize and consolidate its profit potential in Ireland and globally. Recently it has announced it will close one of its three factories in Puerto Rico and also in Germany and another plant in Sydney.
      Transnational companies set each plant and each country against one another in an endless attack on wages, working conditions, and pension rights. Unfortunately, with the weakening of strong unions and their collective strengths, workers wonder where this will all lead to.
      The alternative is for workers in all sectors of society to start educating, agitating and organising and to fight back. Pfizer and their cohorts are only interested in one thing: maximum profit.

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