May 2014        

Vote communist

Two CPI candidates—Paul Doran for South Dublin County Council (Clondalkin area) and Michael O’Donnell for Cork City Council (Cork North-East area)—are standing on a platform of repudiating the debt, breaking with the euro, and reclaiming Ireland’s sovereignty.

Vote communist

For the first time in a number of years, the Communist Party of Ireland is standing in local elections in both Cork and Dublin. The candidates are standing on a clear platform of calling for the repudiation of the anti-people debt, breaking with the euro, and reclaiming our country’s national sovereignty.
      The two candidates chosen to stand have a record of struggle at both the local and the national level. Paul Doran, an office worker, will be standing in the Clondalkin area of South Dublin. He has been living in Clondalkin for more than thirty years, where he has a young family. He has participated in many campaigns during this time, both local and national. He played a leading role in securing new premises for his local Irish-medium school, Gaelscoil na Camóige.
      Michael O’Donnell, standing for Cork City Council, is a retired secondary teacher and a lifelong trade unionist. He was a member of the Connolly Association during his period as an economic emigrant in Britain. Michael knows and has experienced the difficulties and hardship faced by migrant workers. He is acutely aware of the effect emigration has on families and communities as our people once again face the daunting journey to all corners of the globe, looking for work, to find a new life for themselves and their families.
      The CPI is aware that no real power or democracy is left at the local government level, that real power lies with the unelected city and county managers, who take their orders and priorities from the minister of the day. The party is using the occasion of these elections to present an alternative way out of the crisis, one centred on the needs of the people and not the EU and IMF and the wealthy Irish ruling class.
      The CPI is campaigning for a radical economic, social and democratic transformation of our country. The power lies with us to change things.
      We demand:
• repudiation (rejection) of the anti-people debt, which we should refuse to pay
• ending the privatisation of public companies and services, including water
• the establishment of a state-owned bank, and controls on capital, to serve the needs of the people
• public ownership and control of all natural resources, to be developed in an environmentally sustainable way
• the establishment of a publicly owned and controlled all-Ireland Economic Development Corporation to create public jobs and plan our recovery
• breaking with the euro
• challenging the domination and control by the EU and big business
• ending the handing over of fiscal and budgetary powers to the EU.

Together we can open the path to sovereignty, independence, and socialism.

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