June 2014        

Poems from Strabane

These two poems were written by a Christian activist in Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
      “The first one is in response to the problem of hunger, welfare reform, and how churches, corporations and others feed into the myths of poverty that perpetuate the misery that programmes like the one I work with are trying to help.”
      Richard B. is an active and committed Christian working and living by his beliefs in Strabane.

The Mad Preacher Food Bank Manifesto

You ask me if I still care,
and my emphatic answer is why
is it that I continue to bare
the burdens of the many lies
told by the corporate mares.
Pigs and horses in capitalist barns,
forcing me to lead guided tours of scorn,
here are the places the hungry stay,
but don’t ask questions until the end of the day.
For we all know they chose to be this way,
it’s best to let them live on what we pay.
You should not ask for extra donations or cash,
for it’s a sin to enable them to enlarge their stash.
We all know and have heard their stories,
but I cannot help those who fall short of their judgemental glory.
Check me out and set me free,
apart of this system, I no longer choose to be.

This second poem deals with whether one can be a religious believer and a member of the Communist Party. (The answer, of course, is yes.)

The Christian Communist

A Christian Communist
could there be such a plan
might it seem, the two exist
within the soul, of one man?

Yes, it’s real, my comrades true.
I’ve chosen cross, sickle, and hammer,
our movement’s time is never through,
I’ll gladly sing while I’ll hold the party banner.

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