July 2014        


Richard B

140 Reasons to Feel Better

Is this paradise by the DUP’s dashboard light,
as we look in the rear-view mirror, are we one
occasional explosion away from bombing ourselves
back to the Stone Age? Your next-door Neolithic neighbour
beaten to a pulp, the chip shop robbed with one confident gulp,
Britain and Ireland are open for business, and capitalism never stops,
While I’ve moved into the local charity shops, it’s time to turn off Hailo,
Your World of Warcraft, and realise the lies, to wake up and see the sky,
What’s been done, in your name. Take back the streets, play a new game.
The world will for ever be the same the same when we’re
always content with the illusion of change.
We’re told it’s better so that it must be,
Martin tweets for everyone to see.
One hundred and forty reasons for you to feel better
Aren’t you glad you weren’t in the Everglades lobby reading a letter?

An Ode to Uncertainty

I sing of uncertainty,
of constant questioning,
the physical embrace of doubt,
a rejection of surety,
and to condemn the fools who’ve figured life out.
I sing not of walking in my shoes,
but going barefoot each day, I choose
life without knowing the certain place,
from where might arrive my saving grace,
will there be money for water or coal to burn?
Who could help you in the economic downturn?
Each day on the telly, I’m told things are better,
but up to now, I have yet to receive my upturn letter.
Am I blind and dumb to the world’s unfolding collage,
the shuttered textile factory next door is surely a mirage.
For nothing is as it seems, in the land of the Queen,
Cameron, and Coronation Street in the year 2014.

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