July 2014        

Workers in struggle

Block a return to slave wages and conditions

The privatisation of the collection of household refuse has led not just to chaos in housing estates with the duplication of collection services but to ever-increasing charges on working people for the collection of their black, green and brown bins.
      Privatisation has also resulted in poor working conditions for the workers hired by the new private companies. Gone are the reasonable working conditions secured by public-sector cleansing workers.
      Recently the management of one of the large private waste management companies, Greyhound, arbitrarily issued its workers with a demand for cuts in wages of up to 35 per cent and changes to their conditions of employment.
      These are the real reasons behind the drive towards privatisation: increased profits and poor wages and working conditions in order to break workers. More than seventy SIPTU members are now on strike (early July) in defence of their wages and conditions. The company is attempting to break the strike by using scab labour. Messages and actions of solidarity with these workers are urgently needed.
      Greyhound Waste is an unlimited company registered in the Isle of Man. Its accounts are not made public. If the owners are resident in the Isle of Man they pay tax on their income there, while under a double-tax agreement that Ireland has with this tax heaven only 12½ per cent is taxed here!
      It will be your wages and conditions on the chopping-block next as the bosses drive workers back to accepting precarious employment and existing on starvation wages.

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