July 2014        

Further sentence for Margaretta D’Arcy

On Tuesday 24 June, in Ennis District Court, Margaretta D’Arcy and Niall Farrell were given two-week suspended sentences by Judge Patrick Durcan following their conviction for “interfering with the proper use of an airport.”
      On 1 September 2013 both peace activists had carried out a protest by going onto the runway at Shannon Airport wearing bright orange suits resembling those worn by internees at Guantánamo and carrying placards that declared their objection to a prospective invasion of Syria. They were then detained by the Airport Police and handed over to the Gardaí, who charged them under section 4.1 of the Airport By-Laws (1994).
      Since the conclusion of the case, Ireland's state broadcaster and our national print media have reported the sentence handed down to the activists and distributed a few selected quotations from the case. No attention has been paid to the highly important evidence presented in Ennis Courtroom of the extreme misuse of Shannon Airport by the US military, facilitated by a series of Irish Governments.

■ Full details: www.shannonwatch.org/blog.

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