July 2014        

Connolly Study Circle, Dundalk

Over the last few months the CPI has held three talks for activists in Dundalk and the surrounding area covering class, imperialism, and the state. After the final talk it was decided by those in attendance that maintaining and developing political education in the Oriel region was essential to building up communist and other left forces in the area.
      It was accordingly agreed to establish the Connolly Study Circle in Dundalk and to begin a systematic study of the writings of James Connolly, beginning with Labour in Irish History and followed by other important works of Connolly; then the writings of Marx, Engels and Lenin would be used as study materials and guides to action.
      Anyone else interested in becoming involved in the Study Circle should e-mail studygroupd@outlook.ie. It is planned that the circle should meet at least once a month in Dundalk.

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