August 2014        

They simply don’t care

Western governments and media are using the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH170, with 295 people on board, as a further pretext for pushing for wider sanctions against Russia, which may push the world closer to a war on the European continent. Europe is experiencing a massive military build-up by NATO in the former socialist countries of eastern Europe.
     The plane was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the majority of the passengers being Dutch and Australian. It was shot down, most probably, by a surface-to-air missile fired from rebel-held areas in Ukraine. Who fired it no-one knows, and we will probably never know who, or why it was shot down.
     We cannot separate the shooting down of the plane, tragic and horrific as this was, from the continuing war being waged by the Ukrainian regime against its own people in eastern Ukraine, in particular the Donbas region, and the role and influence of NATO. The puppet government established after the coup d’état of 21–22 February has been relentlessly pursuing an aggressive military campaign. It has formally integrated the openly fascist militias in its military structures, and these groups have been unleashed, alongside the regular army, against the people in the east of the country, especially the Russian-speaking section of the population.
     What is at stake is the further encirclement of Russia and the strategic need to further weaken and break up the countries that made up the Soviet Union into more controllable areas, to secure American and European strategic interests in controlling oil, gas and other important mineral resources, as well as the aggressive strategic military of NATO.
     Putin has become the bogeyman for Western governments in an atmosphere similar to that generated during the “Cold War” against the Soviet Union, forcing him to fall back on the history and symbols of the Soviet Union and present himself as following the great Soviet anti-fascist tradition. Putin is no friend of Russian workers, or of Ukrainian workers for that matter. Nevertheless, while having to defend Russian national interests—the interests of the oligarchs—he has found himself being confronted by the Western capitalist powers, facing increased sanctions and threats. How he handles this situation will have a huge influence on the future social and economic direction of Russia. Putin and the oligarchs will be mindful of the coming centenary of the 1917 Socialist Revolution.
     The blame for the deaths of hundreds and the displacement of thousands of people from their homes and villages lies squarely at the door of the imperialist powers: the United States and the European Union. The troika of the United States, IMF and EU attempted to impose on Ukraine a draconian association agreement and free-trade treaty with the EU, which would have had a devastating effect on workers and would have resulted in the complete subservience of the country and savage austerity on the people.
     In November 2013 the elected government of Ukraine rejected these agreements—which it considered harmful for the country—and this was the pretext for the eruption of the street protests and then the overthrowing of the government with the use of fascist forces by the United States and the EU as the cutting edge to carry out a coup and to secure and push ahead with their strategic goals.
     These fascist militias have now been incorporated in the army and have since unleashed a reign of terror against the people in eastern Ukraine, in the first place attacking the offices the Communist Party of Ukraine and murdering communist activists, followed by the murder of trade unionists and other patriotic forces.
     On 24 July the coup government pushed through the parliament a motion with the purpose of dissolving the parliamentary group of the Communist Party.
     In the last election before the coup the Communist Party received 13 per cent of the vote in Ukraine generally, with up to 20 and 25 per cent in the south and east of the country. The regime is now proceeding to ban the CPU altogether through the Administrative Court. Their masters have taught them well.
     Once again the liberal and anti-communist “left” have fallen for the ideological trap set for them by imperialism, falling for the vaunted “world community” and “human rights” rhetoric. The “world community” they speak of is half a dozen capitalist countries and their media; and what they mean by “rights” is deeply racist. They demand that all those not within the imperial centres should have no rights but do as they are told, and not resist, policies that are now being imposed on working people throughout the imperial blocs.
     One can not but contrast the value placed on the life of Palestinian children, being murdered daily in Gaza, with the concern for the dignity of the remains of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane.
     Western governments have been swift in imposing sanctions against Russia, as they know that Russia, for the time being, has trumped the cards they have played in Ukraine and blocked their strategic goals. Yet they have all failed to condemn the savage violence and mass murder of Palestinians by the Israeli racist state, nor have they made any efforts to impose sanctions on it, to force it to end its violence or to negotiate honestly with the Palestinian people.
     Just like Israel, imperialism fears peace.

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