August 2014        

Venezuela has more democracy than the United States

Venezuela is one of the countries that most appreciate their democracy. This is the conclusion of the Chilean NGO “Latinobarómetro” following its study of democratic evaluation in the Latin America populations.
     Venezuelan citizens provided the second-highest approval rating of the democratic model of all seventeen countries in which the study was held.
     “The five countries that best value their democracy are countries governed by the left,” the report states: “Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.” And the analysts ask, Is there a relation there, or is this just chance?
     “Venezuela doesn’t stop surprising us,” the report goes on to state, “finding itself in second place after Uruguay with a rating of 7.0.” The study questioned 19,004 people, including 1,200 in Venezuela, with a statistical error margin of 2.8 to 3.5 per cent and a trustworthiness of 95 per cent.
     The report also asked Latin-Americans about their perception of the level of democracy in the most influential non-Latin countries in the region. “Venezuela, according to the Venezuelans, has higher democratic levels than in both the USA (6.5) and Spain (6.6),” while only “26% of Venezuelans consider that the USA is completely democratic.”
     Furthermore, the report concludes, “the image that the Latin-Americans have of US democracy has fallen from 7.7 points to 6.9 points in four years,” while “only 12% of Latin-Americans consider that Spain is democratic.”
     The study—which did not impose a definition of “democracy” on those surveyed—concludes that “the world’s vision is heavily based on the tangible results that a democracy or country can give to its citizens.”
     However, while the statistics speak for themselves, the subjective conclusions of the authors of the report impose the idea of a reality different from that expressed by the populations surveyed. They arrogantly suggest that there is mass misunderstanding in the perceptions of Latin-Americans with respect to the meaning of the term “democracy.”
     Referring to the left-wing governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua (which “places its level of democracy at 6.4, higher than the Latin-American average”), the report claims, without evidence, that there exists no “separation of powers, of the functions of a State of Rights,” in either country and that “both countries have very high levels of discrepancies and disparity of equality in the law. So, what is democracy for them?”
     Such conclusions are in huge contradiction to the statistical findings of the study, which shows high democratic levels in both countries.
     Finally, in an independent study by the Venezuelan polling organisation Hinterlaces this week, 62 per cent of the Venezuelan population admitted to feeling “calm,” 65 per cent are “happy,” and 76 per cent “hopeful.” Following international studies, the Venezuelan population was declared the “happiest” on the globe.

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