October 2014        


Obituary for Ian Paisley

Dear editor,
      While out walking at lunchtime today [Friday 12 September] I heard the news of the death of Mr Ian Paisley. I listened intently to RTE radio, and I thought how when writing about the death of famous politicians it said that “every one of our leaders was a giant among men.”
      I was born in 1963 and have a great memory, something that I am blessed with.
      Ian Paisley was a very dangerous individual, who was responsible for the death of many dozens of people or even hundreds—not by the deed itself but by his vitriolic demagoguery, which as a young boy growing up in the North I had to listen to.
      His words and actions led to the imprisonment of many hundreds of young Protestants who were swayed by the words and actions again of Paisley. I have so many vivid memories of images of bits of bodies from the television era of the late sixties, seventies and eighties resulting from this man, and from the gangsters that were his opponents in the so-called republican movement.
      I won’t miss him, but again another memory is of my late mother when writing to Paisley about a house for one of my sisters. When I asked her why she was doing that she said, “Well, Paul, that other shower [i.e. the SDLP] won’t do anything for us.”
      Paul Doran.

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