November 2014        

I am not out of place

Richard Bryant

I am not out of place

I am not out of place,
I am not out of time,
My beliefs are strong,
And they are mine.
For I no longer believe
What I was told,
The lies are wrong,
History was retold
To the throng,
Profits must be
Drained from sand and sea,
While children starve,
On my street.
With my voice,
With my feet,
I’ll change the plan,
Wait and see.
Our comrades know
The truth will float,
With our work,
All may hope
To live free
From chains and ropes,
When the truth is told,
To the fullest scope.

It is amazing

It is amazing,
that the cruelty perfected,
among thatched huts of Kenya,
would be neatly packaged,
and forever burned,
into Irish memories,
as minds were turned,
from despair to hope,
or royalty adjourned,
people free,
and of war unconcerned.

Under the Red Banner of Truth

Under the red banner,
My comrades lived,
Under the red banner,
My comrades are alive,
Under the red banner,
We continue to look,
Anywhere we find the oppressed,
Tell their story,
Disconnect their distress,
Ideologies which are hoary,
Because we wish to impress?
Because the truth must be expressed.

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