December 2014        

Continued success for #WorkMustPay

The Connolly Youth Movement continues to take part in actions against Job Bridge under the banner of the #WorkMustPay campaign to directly challenge the acceptability of employers taking on unpaid interns instead of providing even the basic respect of a minimum wage for workers.
     These actions are a joint effort on the part of the Connolly Youth Movement, Sinn Féin Republican Youth, and Unite Youth Dublin Activist Group

Another internship eliminated

#WorkMustPay activists secured another victory last month when the Cracked Nut café in Camden Street provided us with a written assurance that they would take down their Job Bridge advertisement and advertise no similar positions in the future. This occurred after an advance warning and picket notice had been provided, along with lengthy correspondence with the employer. This proves the effectiveness of our tactics in eliminating Job Bridge positions, and we will be monitoring future city-centre postings to make sure this is not a temporary victory.
     The café in question was advertising for a “juicer/kitchen porter” as an unpaid intern working forty hours a week for nine months. While our focus is not on the legitimacy of the “training” received under Job Bridge but on the fact that wage-paying jobs are being eliminated under the scheme, it is safe to say that this was a particularly exploitative example of Job Bridge in action, where no legitimate training would occur. We are pleased that this will no longer be the case.

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