March 2015        

“Divide and rule” still the strategy of the United States

Tom Bateson

In early March the Obama regime issued an executive order placing sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials for alleged violations of human rights and the political prosecution of opposition protesters since February 2014.
     The statement refers to “the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela.” Obama will order the freezing of the officials’ assets and prevent them entering the United States.
     A statement by the revolutionary Cuban government put it well: “How does Venezuela present a threat to the United States? Thousands of kilometres away, with no strategic weapons and without using either resources or officials to conspire against US constitutional order, the declaration lacks credibility and unmasks the purposes of those who are making it.”
     Recently the Venezuelan government reduced the number of those allowed to work in the US embassy in Caracas to seventeen—the same number allowed by the US government to work in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.
     From past experience of coups and fascist dictatorships, in Chile in 1970–73 and in almost all countries of Latin America, we know that the US embassies have been central hubs for subversion against radical governments and progressive forces that the United States does not approve of. No doubt the large number of officials in the Caracas embassy have been playing a central co-ordinating role for the Venezuelan opposition.
     Both the internal right-wing opposition and the United States have been using the economic difficulties flowing from the drop in oil prices to step up the political pressure and economic sabotage and to sow division. Also, this is a clear warning to other governments in Latin America that the United States believes that the democratic process and change have gone too far.
     American political hegemony has been greatly weakened, and it is now flexing its military and economic muscles, attempting to split the progressive coalition of countries that now dominate the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. In particular it wants to break the alliance of Venezuela and Cuba, the deciding factor in these changes throughout Latin America.
     The people of Venezuela will shortly have elections for the National Assembly, in which the United States hopes to secure a majority in favour of the right wing, which has a strong fascist central core.
     Here in Ireland there is a clear need to step up solidarity with both Venezuela and Cuba, and to expose the aggressive and divisive role of the Obama regime in the region, as well as the duplicitous role of the European Union, which is backing the US position.
     The peoples of Latin America have shown great resistance over the decades and have been an inspiration to oppressed people everywhere. They have shown that the yoke can be cast off, that international finance houses and the odious debt can be dumped off the people’s back.
     Now is the time to stand alongside them.

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