May 2015        

Celebrating five years of Barrygruff with Gruffwuff

Barry Healy

Barrygruff, from Ireland and now based in Vancouver, a finalist in the Canadian “Made in Blog” music blog awards, 2014, has released a compilation, Gruffwuff, to celebrate five years of his music blog, Barrygruff. It brings together nineteen previously unreleased and exclusive recordings that make up some of Gruff’s favourite bands of the past five years, featuring Captain Moonlight’s hard-hitting “What Is Property?” Anderson’s beautiful acoustic “Things We Have in Common,” the guitar-driven “Three Shadows” by Hippies v. Ghosts, and the electronic “Barry’s Game” by Imploded View.
     This varied compilation is compiled by Barrygruff and Stephen Connelly. Connelly, an art student, designed the poster for the album.
     Speaking about the album, Gruff comments: “Initially I thought an idea like this was just a pipe dream, but the enthusiasm that met my initial enquiries bowled me over. I couldn’t believe how eager everyone was to get involved. Blogging has become quite a big part of my life over the past number of years, and I wanted to do something really special to mark the occasion, and I think with ‘Gruffwuff’ that has been achieved.”
     He added: “It’s been curated and compiled by myself and Stephen Connelly. The thinking behind the project was pretty simple: we wanted to shine a light, brief as it may be, on some of the acts that have lit up the blog over the past few years.”

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