June­–July 2015        

A Democratic Programme for the 21st Century

In this issue of Socialist Voice we publish the draft of a Democratic Programme for the 21st Century. The CPI is offering this document as part of the debate that needs to take place in every trade union branch and every community organisation.
     It is based and presented on the understanding and the experience of our party over many decades, that the working class needs to go beyond short-term election strategies and demands, that we need to begin to sketch out where our people need to go and what type of society we need to be struggling for.
     We must have our own view of where our country needs to go, for if the working class does not have its own view then it will be given one by the dominant economic and political forces that control our society.
     We would like to actively engage with the widest sections of our people in this debate. We are asking individuals, groups and organisations to read our Democratic Programme and to respond in an open and respectful way. We are open to meet individuals, groups and parties and to address trade unions, trades councils, community groups and independent NGOs to discuss our Programme in a democratic and thoughtful manner. We will take into account all comments and suggestions and open up future issues of Socialist Voice to submissions and comments.
     Given the limited space in Socialist Voice, we will also put more substantial submissions up on the CPI web site, as well as promoting the debate through social media. We will be sending copies of the Democratic Programme to political parties from the national and labour traditions, TDs, trade unions, cultural, women’s, youth and community groups.
     Please send letters, submissions or requests for speakers to cpoi@eircom.net.

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