September 2015        

News in brief

• A year after the devastating war on Gaza, thousands of families are still sleeping in the rubble.
• Thousands of tonnes of building materials are ready to be delivered to Gaza, but the Israeli government is preventing it. All the necessary money to pay for those materials has been sent, and the building materials are waiting to cross the border into Gaza, but the Zionist government refuses to allow it to cross. It is still punishing the people of Gaza.
• Only 3½ per cent of the 6.7 million tonnes of steel bars, cement and building materials needed for rebuilding after the 2014 war of aggression has been permitted to enter Gaza. At this rate it could take nearly twenty years to rebuild, with tens of thousands of people sleeping among the rubble of their former homes. This is all taking place while western governments sit back. By their silence they encourage the Israeli government.

“Something to throw the electorate”

Reporting on the massive national demonstration against water charges on the 29th of August, David Davin-Power, RTE’s distinguished political correspondent, remarked that the Government now needs “something to throw the electorate in the election campaign to come.”
     We know that this is how the elite and their hangers-on talk about the people, but it’s not often that they let it slip in public.

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