September 2015        

Reasons why I am not a capitalist

Richard Bryant

     1. It is not the perfect system that it has been advertised to be. It had a beginning and a middle, and we are now at the end. It will not self-perpetuate into the indefinite future. The responsible solution is to search for alternatives not rooted in austerity and oppression.
     2. Capitalism can only be maintained through political, military and economic force.
     3. Capitalism forces debt upon the poorest people to maintain the inherent inequality caused by stagnant wages, rampant inequality, and no economic growth.
     4. Capitalism can only succeed by blaming today’s failures on policies that failed in previous generations. There is little political or social will to ask “why?” of the present.
     5. Lower corporate taxes haven’t improved the quality of life for most people in western Europe or the United States. Those with vested interests in large financial institutions, the stock market and major corporations have suffered little since the last economic crisis in 2008. They continue to make the important decisions regarding financial, political and military policy. Their economic losses have completely recovered. Meanwhile individual taxpayers have been forced into higher levels of personal debt (through pay-day lenders) at exorbitant interest rates in order to maintain illusory standards of living. Inequality, fuelled by debt, feeds more inequality. The system is eating itself from within. This disconnect is capitalism.
     6. Economic and social privilege is a right that can never be fully realised by those who seek it. This type of privilege does not appear in waiting-rooms, police stations, and housing estates. It is never heard clearly and only witnessed through the well-crafted lenses of those who gaze across the inequality chasm.
     7. I identify my own collusion with the existing system and my desire to look beyond to exist apart, look beyond and critique the harsh realities of the present system.
     There is a better way. Support the party, the right to water, and the end to austerity everywhere.

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