October 2015        

Job Path: a new pathway to exploitation

The Job Path scheme is similar to Job Bridge, in that it is a “labour activation” scheme. However, there are some differences. The scheme is aimed at the “long-term unemployed” and “those at risk of becoming long-term unemployed,” but the feeling is that it will most probably replace Job Bridge and become the main unpaid-labour scheme.
     It will be run by two private companies—a British recruitment firm, Secrete, and a consortium known as Turas Nua, comprising the Irish recruiter FRS and the British company Working Links—which will contact people on the live register directly and place them in positions with firms that have signed up with the two companies running the scheme—all, of course, for a cash incentive.
     The same penalty applies as with Job Bridge: if a person refuses to take a position, their entitlement will be cut.

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