May 2017        

Angela Davis visits Belfast

A centrepiece of this year’s week-long International Women’s Day celebration in Belfast was the visit of Angela Davis. She spoke at three packed meetings in Belfast: in City Hall, in Queen’s University, and in one of the main hotels in the city.
     The CPI hosted the meeting in the Wellington Park Hotel, which was combined with the launch of our recent republication of Selected Writings on Women by James Connolly. The meeting, which also included music and song, drew women and men from all over Ireland.
     It’s clear that Angela Davis has not lost any of her fire or passion or her commitment to the cause of opposing the oppression of the black people of her home country. She also expressed her solidarity with the Palestinian people. During her talk she drew upon her experience and recollections of the early days of the civil rights struggle and what she had heard of the struggle for civil rights taking place in the Six Counties.
     The whole visit was a great success, with much credit going to the women members of the CPI who put in so much work to make the meetings the success they were. Particular gratitude was also acknowledged by all those in attendance to the national chairperson of the CPI, Lynda Walker, who was central to securing Angela Davis’s visit to Belfast and to the success of the meetings, and also for her role over the years in building up the celebration of International Women’s Day to the strength and breadth of the events that now take place.
     The Dublin District of the CPI also had a packed launch by Catherine Connolly TD of the Selected Writings on Women by Connolly. The launch, jointly organised with the Connolly Youth Movement, was followed by a selection of readings from the book and by a number of women singers and musicians.

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