Developing and building a coherent strategy for socialism

Discussion document
13 February 2017

Since the latest crisis of capitalism manifested itself in 2008 the Communist Party of Ireland has been involved in many campaigns, sometimes initiated by us, sometimes as part of broader initiatives, learning all the time from each experience. We have also engaged our members and structures in a collective analysis of monopoly capitalism globally, Ireland’s position in it, the nature of the ruling class in Ireland and its state, and the strengths and weaknesses of the working class here.
      We have listened to each other, but we have also studied and listened to those outside the party to help develop a sounder, stronger analysis as the foundation for an actual strategy for building socialism—because any meaningful strategy or movement for socialism must be based on a solid analysis of capitalism and the balance of class forces in Ireland today. While this will never, and should never, be completed, a number of things have become evident.
      Slogans will not build socialism. Nor will frantic knee-jerk campaigns or petitions. Most reforms are only temporary compromises, which capital undoes at its first opportunity. However, within Marxism a transformative strategy is a means by which to expose the antagonistic contradictions between capitalism and the working class and, in so doing, to undermine capitalism and present the potential for a socialist alternative. We must develop and build a coherent transformative strategy for socialism.
      So, instead of demanding market-based solutions to the housing problem we must build a campaign for public housing. Instead of seeking an increase in child allowance we should campaign for universal publicly provided child care. Rather than seek quantitative reforms, which can and will be undone, we need qualitative changes that alter the balance of power and push capital out of our lives while empowering people.
      To build socialism, this strategy by definition must undermine the power of the comprador ruling class and its state. It must expose their collusion with imperialism globally, and their placement of Ireland within the structures of monopoly capitalism, such as the European Union.
      The Communist Party is working, and will work, with other socialists, progressive-minded republicans and progressive structures of the working class to build this. Initiatives are being worked on with like-minded groups and parties, and this will continue to develop a sound strategy for undermining monopoly capitalism and its rotten state and for building socialism.

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