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Labour links
• Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
• Trade Union Left Forum

Solidarity links
• Cuba Support Group
• Friends of the International Brigades in Ireland
• International Brigades Commemoration Committee
• Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Peace, neutrality and democracy links
• Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA)
• People’s Movement
• World Peace Council

Research and information links
• Axis of Logic
• Black Agenda Report
• Corporate Watch (Oxford)
• Counterpunch (California)
• Global Research (Québec)
• Granma International (Havana)
• The Grayzone
• Information Clearing House (California)
• International Action Center (New York)
• James Connolly’s works
• Marxism-Leninism Today (New York)
• Morning Star (London)
• Nature, Society, and Thought (Minneapolis)

Environmental links
• Climate and Capitalism

Cultural links
• Culture Matters (Newcastle upon Tyne)
• Progressive Film Club

International links
• Communist and workers’ parties

• 21st-Century Manifesto
• People’s Movement
• ZZ’s blog

Home page  >  Links