Abortion and marriage equality

Statement by the Communist Party of Ireland
10 July 2019

We welcome the announcement of the possible future changes in regard to abortion and marriage equality in the north of Ireland.
      We congratulate the people and organisations that have campaigned down through the years for these democratic changes. These victories flow from the struggle of the people rather than the behest of British politicians.
      These campaigns are ones that have succeeded by the active mobilisation of women’s and LGBTQAI organisations throughout Ireland and their broad coalition of allies, such as those in the trade union movement.
      These victories are another important step and show the importance of united struggles, combined shared experience, and the building of campaigns and their victories throughout the whole of the country. For profound radical, economic and social change to transform the lives of working people throughout Ireland we need to build upon each and every victory and the co-operation of our people.
      These are not changes that have been given to us as a gift but were fought for through workers’ struggle. We must remain vigilant to ensure that these democratic advances are followed through and secured. We must be ready to defend what we have fought for, and be ready to push forward when the time arises.
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