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Some famous Irish communists

Eddy Menzies


Eddy Menzies joined the Revolutionary Workers’ Group in Belfast in the early 1930s and took part in the outdoor relief campaign. In 1933 Eddy and his wife, Sadie Newell from Newtownards, were among the founder-members of the Communist Party of Ireland. Eddy was also prominent as a leader of the squatters’ movement in Belfast after the war.
     An enthusiastic supporter of the Daily Worker, Eddy delivered a hundred copies a day by bicycle to Short’s aircraft factory in Belfast from the small newspaper shop he set up with compensation money from a factory accident.
     Eddy and Sadie had five daughters, one of whom, Edwina, together with her husband, Jimmy Stewart, became a lifelong member of the CPI and of its national leadership.
     Eddy Menzies died in 1993 at the age of eighty-two.

[Based on the article by Graham Stevenson.]

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