Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818–1883) was a German philosopher whose study of history and economics, in collaboration with his friend Frederick Engels (1820–1895), led him to discover the key to history and to become himself a revolutionary. James Connolly referred to Marx (in Labour in Irish History) as “the greatest of modern thinkers.”
Marx and Engels demonstrated not only that class struggle is the motive force of history but that the working class is destined to transform the world. Armed with socialist theory, the working-class movement will abolish capitalism and with it the last society based on exploitation.
     Since the publication of the Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848) and the other works of Marx and Engels, scientific socialism has repeatedly demonstrated its validity as the theoretical core of the working-class and democratic movement. Despite numerous setbacks and mistakes, the twentieth century saw the development of mass working-class and trade union movements, worldwide national liberation, and the growth of communist parties in all capitalist countries.
     The writings of Marx and Engels are available at Connolly Books, 43 East Essex Street, Dublin. A large selection of texts is also available at the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

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